Saturday, 11 July 2009

White Daisy WIP 2

Another four hours or so of work on this. I am using almost all the cold and warm greys in the Polychromos range on the petals. I've never used these greys before - I tend to steer clear of them usually - so now I'm really getting to know them! I quite like this stage, when all the basic colours are laid down, because I can now move around adjusting the tones and generally refining the whole thing. Looking at it now, my eye goes straight to that dark grey in the petals on the right - looks odd so I'll adjust that. The pencil colour is going down almost like pastel and it's easy to blend on this paper.
I am not one to keep slavishly layering colour over colour, haven't got that much patience!, but I do want to introduce more contrast to this because, apart from the white highlights, there is very little tonal contrast in those petals. Have to be careful though, could easily overdo it.

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