Tuesday, 14 July 2009

White Daisy WIP 3

Another 3 hours or so of work done on this. I put a layer of Phthalo Blue and over that some more Sky Blue, in places on the background just to give it a bit more ooomph! My lighter blue pencils are now reduced to little stumps - oh the perils of sanded paper!

I have basically strengthened all the colours on the petals and tried to get more tonal contrast, more by lightening the light areas than putting down darker greys - if that makes any sense. It's quite satisfying being able to put lights over dark colours, as you can with this paper, and I have used a Chinese White Derwent Drawing Pencil as the final layer for the highlights.

I think it's probably about finished now. I'll put it away for a few days and then look at it again. No doubt something will shout at me to be tweaked, I'm never satisfied.


Pauline said...

Lovely picture Janet, so 3 dimensional I feel I could pick it.

Janet said...

Thanks Pauline, glad you like it. I'm fairly pleased with it now. It was certainly quicker than working on my usual HP paper.

Sue said...

Beautiful, I love the light in this


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