Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Waterlily WIP 2

Here we are then, another few hours of toil later on this one. I've worked quite a bit on the flower, the water and the red leaves. All I can say is respect to all those who do landscapes in coloured pencil - doing these leaves is driving me nuts! There's still a lot to do on the green leaves and I want to get those greens looking right. I put some Apple Green (Prisma) down on the upper green leaves but it looked cruddy so I erased it all. I'm spending some time testing out the greens on a spare area of the paper. Pencil colours lay down differently according to the colour of the support so testing them out first on your support is important.
On a different note, does anyone (in the UK) know where the summer's gone? (If it ever came in the first place). If I hear a weather reporter tell us one more time that it's going to rain I think I'll scream! Apparently, the Met Office have now backtracked on their 'promise' to us back in May that we were going to have a long, hot, 'barbecue' summer. Why don't they just admit that they can't do accurate long range forecasts? Here's my prediction for the coming week.....rain....and then more rain. Oh dear, had to get that whinge out of the way!


Chrissy said...

I so wish I could do landscapes...but hey good job ;)
As for summer, well we have turned autumnal :( but I do think we will start to get good weather after 14th Aug...st swithian, the elders knew best, lol

Felicity said...

Gosh, I thought this was gorgeous when I saw the last stage but this is even better! It really is gorgeous, I love the combination of colours and the overall 'softness' it has.

Janet said...

Thanks guys! I'll hold you to that good weather prediction Chrissy!! Felicity, glad you like it, yes, it was that nice colour combination that prompted me to draw it.


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