Thursday, 10 September 2009

Denzel Washington Portrait

6" x 7.5" Polychromos pencils in brown paper sketchbook.

This is a drawing from a TV programme, the Jonathan Ross Show. Now, I do not normally watch this show because I can't stand Jonathan Ross - he has an ego the size of a small country and I find him shallow and irritating. He tends to use his guests as a platform for his own jokes and ego-boosting rather than allowing them to tell their story in their own way - I don't like that.

Anyway, I made an exception this time because I rather like Denzel Washington - all round good chap, great actor and sooo good looking! Denzel has a rather quizzical expression on his face here - he's probably thinking 'does this man ever stop talking?'!


Felicity said...

Oh, I love drawing from TV! This is wonderful and he has a wonderful expression - slightly bemused no doubt by Mr Woss!

Janet Pantry said...

Thanks Felicity! I really enjoyed doing this - need a lot more practice though to get anywhere near as good as your awesome portraits.

Pauline said...

This is terrific Janet, it looks so spontaneous and great detail for such a small painting. I have to say I have never considered painting from the TV must give it a try.

Janet Pantry said...

Thanks Pauline. The Polys were great for Denzel's skin tones. I notice now that one of his eyes is a bit 'off' tho. Never mind, it's all good practice!


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