Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Autumn in the Park WIP 1 plus Susan Boyle

8" x 10" on grey/green Canson Mi Teintes paper (reverse side)

Just started this landscape using Prismacolor and Derwent Coloursoft pencils. Haven't done a landscape in eons so I just fancied giving one a go and see what happens. I've spent approx. six hours on it so far, half of which was spent drawing the composition. The scene is a local park in early November a couple of years ago, the cyclist came along just at the right time when I snapped the photo! I have moved some of the elements for a better composition - not with a software programme but by my own hand on the paper, as it were. I'm using the pencils kind of like I would with pastels - scribbling away, dipping in and out with different colours and hoping it works! Now I've uploaded it I see loads of things that need adjustment. Early days yet, lots more work still to do on it.

And......I simply have to mention a song I heard a few days ago on the radio, Susan Boyle singing "Wild Horses", an old Rolling Stones classic. It stopped me in my tracks because it is so spine-tinglingly good. Here is a video of Susan giving a wonderful live performance of it on the America's Got Talent programme. Note that she doesn't fly onto the stage on a trapeze wearing next to nothing, she isn't surrounded by wriggly male dancers, she isn't under 30......oh and her voice hasn't been modulated or electronically 'enhanced'. How refreshing!! She doesn't need all that rubbish, she simply commands the stage with nothing but her humble presence and that wonderful voice. I understand her debut album, which includes this song, is due out on November 23rd and it will most definitely be on my Christmas Wish List!


Sjamesportraiture said...

This is well on the way to becoming a lovely picture, lovely composition.

Pauline said...

Looking good, can't wait to see it finished so different to your usual work.

Janet Pantry said...

Thanks guys, I really appreciate your comments. This is very different for me - I like a challenge!

Paula Pertile said...

The finished drawing (I cheated and looked ahead) is wonderful. My favorite bits are the foliage in the background. Because they're just shapes. I don't like doing landscapes either.

And yes, Susan and that song. She's awesome, in the true meaning of that word. She sang it here for our America's Got Talent, and just stood there in one spot, with an orchestra behind her, and it gave me goose bumps.


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