Monday, 2 November 2009

Autumn in the Park Finished - ish

Well it's all done bar the tweaking. I've strengthened the colours using the same pencils as before and laying down the colours side by side, especially on the foliage, rather than on top of one another. I did not want a saturated 'painted' look, there are probably no more than 3 or 4 layers of colour in any one spot. All I'll do now is put it aside for a while and then tweak as necessary. It was interesting to do a landscape but they are not really my favourite topic. And......I'm so glad that cyclist was not in the foreground, I would have had to pay more serious attention to detailing him - Cripes!


Carolina said...

It is really beautiful, Janet, and an unbelievable amount of work... congratulations :)

Pauline said...

Very restful on the eye, I would happily hang this on my wall. Those finishing strokes seem to take it from out of focus to in focus.

Janet Pantry said...

Thanks people, your comments mean a lot to me - at least I know it's not a bad drawing!

Teresa Mallen said...

I can see the differences in the stages - guess that is why I like wips. You can definitely see how you deepened the colour in this last phase. And yes, it is not a bad drawing at all! :-) Great job fiddling with the elements in the composition! Oh and Thomas Hardy is one of my favourite writers as well. I have all of his writings including a large volume that contains his complete works of poetry. I enjoyed reading your quote of his poem. Loved the pics of the trees too!


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