Thursday, 12 November 2009

Portrait of a Cat, done and dusted!

So here is my final version of Keith.  I have added more white to the fur, emphasizing the highlights, using a Derwent Drawing Chinese White pencil.  The fur needed more definition generally, I think, so I waded in with more Prismacolor Warm Greys, Indigo and Greyed Lavender.  I also refined the pink ear and the nose a little more.  The dark grey paper helped a lot in providing a foundation colour for the subject and speeded up the drawing process no end.      

I prefer the way the Derwent Coloursoft lay down on this paper (Colorfix) as they are chalkier than Prismacolor and also, they never break on me - unlike the Prismas which tend to break a lot.  The Prisma Indigo kept breaking in the sharpener so I put it in the microwave oven for 30 seconds - worked a treat!  The waxy colour strip melts just enough to reform in the pencil shaft as an unbroken pencil once again - clever stuff huh?!  You just have to remember not to 'over-cook' it though or it might explode!  The only reason I persevere with the Prismacolor pencils is that they come in a much wider range of colours than the Derwent Coloursoft.

So what will I draw next then?  I daren't make another 'statement of intent' because whenever I do that my plan always seems to turn to mush!


Carolina said...

Hi Janet!
You really know your business, you improved the cat, and it's a masterpiece now! Congratulations!
I'm so surprised (almost shocked) about the microwave trick... thanks for sharing it, so clever. I don't have prismas, only polychromos, but I guess it might work as well (I have one color with this problem).
I can relate to what you say about the 'statements of intent'... if you keep your objectives to yourself it's a lot easier and less stressful to achieve.
Best regards,

Janet Pantry said...

Aw thanks Carolina! I actually prefer Polychromos pencils generally, but they don't seem to work so well on Colorfix for some reason. And I shall take your advice re. my objectives ;-)

Felicity said...

A really beautiful portrait! The lighting is lovely. And he's a very noble looking Keith! ;)

I know now (from writing on my blog, I hadn't realised before) that if I say I'll do something, I'm almost compelled to do the opposite so I'm very careful now! I'm obviously a contrary character! I read somewhere that writing down goals (putting them out there for others to read) can sometimes have the effect of taking the wind out of your sails and I've found that too.

alison said...

Janet - This is super, really super! As Felicity said, the lighting is great. His pose has a real something and i think it ranks up there as one of your top pieces.


adebanji said...

What a powerful piece!

Janet Pantry said...

Thanks Felicity, Alison and Adebanji, I do appreciate your comments, they spur me on.


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