Sunday, 13 December 2009

One Green Bottle WIP 1

7" 9" ish Coloured Pencil on Burnt Umber (I think!) Colourfix paper

I was recently given this quirky bottle by someone who knows I like to draw them so here's my version of it.  It looks rather oddly shaped, as if I've drawn it wrongly, but it really does look like this honest!  I could have altered it, I suppose, to make it look more symmetrical, but that would bother me - I'd know it was wrong.

I'm using Derwents and Prismacolours again and this is about 6 hours work so far.  I have covered the paper with a single light layer of many colours to map out the image and establish where the lights and darks are.  Much concentrated observation goes into this stage and my strokes are loose and light but carefully placed.  This is going to be a moody, muted kind of picture and I'm using a wide range of colours.  I won't list them all but the greens include Limepeel, Moss, Artichoke, True Green, Grass Green, Dark Green, Aquamarine, Light Aqua (Prismas) and... (deep breath)... Light Green, Lichen Green, Lincoln Green, Green, Dark Green (Derwent Coloursoft)!  Well, some people want to know these things!

I'm really enjoying this one.  This paper is an unusual colour, a sort of purply brown, which means that familiar pencil colours look totally different on it....keeps me on my toes!

NB.  There's only 12 days to go until you know when and I haven't mentioned Christmas once!  Doh....I just did!



Carolina said...

Hi Janet,
It's looking good already :)
Nice paper color, it certainly is a challenge... hope to see it completed very soon!
Best regards,

Pauline said...

I'm liking this one dark and moody colours just right for these grey days. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

Janet Pantry said...

Thanks Carolina and Pauline. Yes this one certainly suits the murky weather we're having! It's about to get a whole lot darker and moodier too!

Leslie Hawes said... are extremely talented. Great drawing, and some really nice friends to gift you with such a cool subject to draw!


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