Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Young Elvis Portrait, WIP 2. Finished

I did some more on this drawing today - very, very gingerly.  I added some more colours to his face, Dark Flesh, Light Flesh, Ivory.  Then some more colour in his hair, Dark Umber, Venetian Red, Dark Sepia, Ivory.  Then some general tweaking with Bistre, Nougat and more Dark Sepia - we're talking incredible restraint very tickly light strokes...not like me at all!  I resisted a strong temptation to put some Black on it, just to get the darks darker....decided it would ruin the delicacy of the image and take me down the slippery slope I went down on that last portrait of Lauren. 

The thing with portraits is that each stroke you put down matters a lot, especially on a little one like can so easily get it wrong.  Anyway, I'm going to leave it alone now, while I still like it!

N.B. Just noticed that the first WIP looks very pink compared to this one.  It's hard sometimes to get it to look 'correct'.  I think this one, ie. WIP 2, is much more accurate and faithful to the actual drawing.   


Christine said...

This is fantastic! I like the color of the paper and the whole look and feel of this portrait. Great work!

Janet Pantry said...

Thank you Christine, glad you like it! I rather like it too....maybe I'm getting better at this drawing lark! :)

alison staite said...

Super! I really like this style Janet and i hope you'll be doing some more like it.

Carolina said...

I love it, Janet! As you said, it's a really delicate rendering, if I were an Elvis fan, I'd be dying...!
Best regards,

Dors said...

This is truly superb...I know what you mean about being in a hurry to get the darks in. You are right to take this slow and wow what a fantastic job your are doing... bit biased here..I have always been a fan of Elvis. LOL

Love all your textures and the skin is just lovely.
I will keep watching for updates.

Sjamesportraiture said...

This is so subtle. Alot of art pop icons are so overly stylised. This is so natural.

Janet Pantry said...

Thanks Alison, Carolina, Doreen and Sarah - I enjoyed doing this one,good practice.


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