Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Single Rose Finished

I did a little more tweaking here and there with the same pencils as before and intensified the colours.  I've tried to work very lightly, pressure-wise, so as not to saturate the paper and allow the subtle nuances of different pink and red hues to show through.  The stem and leafy bits are a tad more yellow-green than is showing here. 

All of Lauren's roses have now wilted and gone so I'm glad I snapped all those shots of them.  Lauren likes this pic so I'll frame it for her as a keepsake.  I didn't do a background on it (chickened out!) but I think it's OK as it is.


alison staite said...

To be honest i think any kind of background would have ruined it. As it is is beautiful and delicate. The blending on the left dominant petal is super. What a great keepsake for your daughter!

Dors said...

A beautiful finish to this lovely Rose. It's so delicate and I agree a BG would take away from this perfect rose.

Great job and a lovely thought for your daughter.

Janet Pantry said...

Thanks Alison and Doreen, I'm so glad you agree about the background. It's good to have fresh eyes on a drawing :)

Carolina said...

Hi Janet,
Those subtle changes are very slight but very effective. The rose came to life with them (only strengthening a little bit the colors, a tiny bit more of contrast). I love the orange-ish colors that can be seen on the center, and the green reflection at the bottom of the bud. And I agree about the background color, no need to add anything really. I love your work :)

Dors said...

Hi Janet. Just want to say thanks so much for taking the time to follow my progress on the hut. I value your comments.

I really love this rose. It's so alive and realistic.


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