Monday, 15 March 2010

Some New Art! Little Man WIP 1

"Little Man" 6" x 8" FC Polychromos Pencils in Brown Sketchbook

Here's another attempt at a portrait, about 6 or 7 hours' work so far.  It's a picture of my nephew, Ben, who is 11 years old, caught in a rare quiet moment!  Ben is a lovely boy, full of beans and very bright.  I want to try and capture his likeness in this thoughtful mode.  I recently bought a new printer/scanner but I don't think it scans as well as my old one, deep joy.  This scan of the drawing so far was the best I could get but I think the colours are pretty close anyway.

I really like the Polychromos pencil range for portraits, there are some nice subtle browns and reds like Nougat, Bistre, Van Dyck Brown, Caput Mortuum, Dark Sepia, Raw Umber, Burnt Ochre, Terracotta, Venetian Red.  I've used all these and more on this.  I'm trying to get a dark, moody look on the drawing (what's new?!) so I've used layers of Caput Mortuum Violet and Dark Sepia on the background and it will get darker still. 

I think I must be a bit of a masochist because this is so hard.....just look at that hand position....good grief!  I really like the pose though and wanted to try something a bit more challenging.  I've spent a while getting the basic colours in and trying to establish a likeness.  From now on it's a question of adjusting the values, blending colours and hoping I don't overdo it.  Fingers crossed!  


Katherine Thomas said...
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Katherine Thomas said...

Let me try this again.
I was saying how I think you have a very special portrait here... the expression is so touching and the delicacy of the hand position, like it's partly grown-up and partly child-like... I couldn't find the right word to describe it, but it's like you've captured what it's like to be a thoughtful, sensitive child. It's just wonderful.

Carolina said...

Hi Janet,
I'm really loving this portrait, you have a gift in your hands!
I have to absolutely agree with Katherine T. about the mixture exposed in the portrait: childhood-adult to be, all in there, it's precious. Can't wait to see it finished, you'll do very well :)
Warm regards,

alison staite said...

Hi Janet
Great to see another portrait from you and i'm taking notes on the colours you used :o)

I can't think what else to add that Katherine and Carolina haven't already said - Definitely a special one!

Felicity said...

This is fabulous - I love the dark moody look! The combination of colours and background are just super. I love the expression and the pose - yes, you must be a sucker for punishment with the hands but they're perfect! I was nodding my head with each name of pencils. Nougat, Bistre and Caput Mortuum are quite unusual shades, aren't they? Venetian Red is my fave for skin!

Janet Pantry said...

Thank you all for your kind words. I'm so glad that I've managed to convey that 'in-between child and adult' look which is my aim here.

Dors said...

Your Bobby looks gorgeous..and yes not unlike the Bob Cat i have just done.

Wonderful progress on the portrait. I will be watching this with great interest.
Your so talented. what a star.

Pauline said...

This is going to be good Janet and I can see a resemblance to you so wasn't surprised when I read he was your nephew. Looking forward to seeing the stage.

Leslie Hawes said...

This is spectacular. The hand position is worth all the torture! :)
It's perfect.

Paula Pertile said...

Well I love it so far. What an interesting and thoughtful pose for a young man!
And caput mortuum - my favorite!!

Janet Pantry said...

Thank you everyone for those comments, they are so encouraging.


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