Thursday, 13 May 2010

Artless Interlude

My blogging friend, Paula Pertile, coined a great phrase this week 'Art Limbo' which summarised so well her feelings about where she is at with her art right now.  I think many of us have probably been in this place at some time or another.  For me, it signifies a kind of paralysis which sets in from time to time when the art stops flowing, the ideas dry up and the enthusiasm wanes - at least that's how it feels for me at the moment!  It's a waiting game with me, if nothing comes then I'll just have to do other things until inspiration strikes!

In the meantime I've been soaking up Springtime.......which means Bluebells!  We are lucky enough to have some ancient woodland virtually on our doorstep so I thought I'd post up a few photos of mine taken at Ashridge Park.  The bluebells are out for only about two weeks so when word gets out that they've 'arrived' hoards of people descend upon the area to see them.

My photos don't really show the true splendour of the scene and the light wasn't great.  You have to be there to drink in all the gorgeous colours and see the blue-violet carpet of all those bluebells.  Magical.             


sue said...

'Art Limbo' .... know that one well! Hope inspiration returns soon Janet.

Beautiful photos - I'm not sure which I love best - daffodils with their promise of Spring to follow, or bluebells in the knowledge that the British Summer (!!) isn't far away ...

Dors said...

Love the Art Limbo.

Now come on Janet get enthused and get into that Art studio. LOL
Your right we all feel that way at times.
Oh those Blue Bells .. I have never been homesick but wow you make me want to walk among those lovely wild flowers.
Thank you so much for sharing Janet.

Janet Pantry said...

Thanks Sue, Dors for stopping by! Sue, here's hoping for a proper summer this year! Dors, Lol - I've just bought some massive sheets of Colourfix paper....they're staring menacingly at me from the corner of the room!! Hehe.

Carolina said...

I hope you land safely after visiting the 'art limbo'... :) I hope to see your art again soon!
And thanks for the photos, that massive blooming is magical, as you said. I love the contrast with the trees....
Un abrazo,

Paula Pertile said...

The bluebells are lovely!
And my art limbo is letting up, just a bit. My 'children's book illustrator' side is back in swing. I think the trick (for me) is to let other things percolate or incubate, while I'm working on something else. They all 'bloom' when they're ready.
Or something like that.
Of course it also helps when a client says "we need these drawings done in a week" ha ha

Lisa Daria said...

Oh no, these photos are tremendous, I've never seen a forest so pretty in real life - ours are so green, never w/these purples and such bright greens -

Chrissy said...

I can empathise with art limbo....
I love the bluebells, they are gorgeous photo's. It is an amazing scent too...truly magical. In fact I tooks so many images this year that I have albums full of them and I have blogged them everywhere, I think my readers are sick of them, lol. I have some nice photo's pf some in a jam jar if that inspires (picked from my garden).


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