Sunday, 6 June 2010

New last! Viola Close-up WIP 1

Viola close-up.  5" x 7".  Caran d'Ache Supracolor pencils (mainly) on smooth green card

It's been a while since I posted any art....... just couldn't get into creative mode..... but I've dusted off some pencils and just started this little flower.  I have a big tub of Violas in my garden, all of the pale violet/cream variety, bursting into bloom - they smell and look gorgeous!  I started a bigger picture of Violas and foliage but it wasn't going well so I cropped it down to this close-up of a single flower which I will now focus on.

I'm having a break from my usual paper, Colourfix, and I'm using some smooth card for a change.  I bought a stash of this card in assorted colours from an Art Fair last year without any real idea of what I intended to do with it!  I think I have some sort of paper fetish (Lol).  I like the feel and smell of it and have to buy it, especially if it's different from anything I've seen before (Hmmm, does that sound alarming?!).  Anyway, the card is made by the Paper Company and is surprisingly nice to work on, although it's quite thin and doesn't take many layers of pencil.

I'm using Caran d'Ache Supracolor pencils which are water-soluble, though I'm using them dry because I don't like what happens when you add water!  These pencils are really nice - great range of colours.  They are harder than other brands like Coloursoft and Prismacolor but because of that they keep a lovely sharp point and I find they lay down really smoothly on this card.

I chose a strong green colour for this drawing because it gives me a head start for the dark background, adds a touch of drama and I just prefer to work light over dark.  This strategy works well with sanded papers but sometimes backfires on smoother papers when you can't get the lighter colours to 'sing'.  Anyway, on this one I'm trying to lay the colours down side by side so they don't 'muddy up'.  I'm aiming to bring out the subtlety of the lovely pastel shades in this flower......a way to go could well go 'belly up'!


Dors said...

Hi Janet. Your Viola is coming along lovely.
I am very interested in watching this WIP. as I am eager to try the Caran d' Ache pencils. so I will be able to see how they work in this progress.
Thank you for sharing.

Pauline said...

Pleased to see you posting again and back in art mode Janet. This is looking good, I watch with interest.

sue said...

This has a beautifully delicate look to it Janet - I've never tried using cps on card or mountboard but in terms of not taking many layers I guess its a little like working on drafting film?

Look forward to seeing progress on this

Carolina said...

Hi Janet,
It's great to see you painting again. I love your flower paintings, and I am so envious of how you can achive those bright colors on dark paper :) I think it's got to be related to caran d'ache pencils, polychromos can't do that... at least not over mi teintes. So I'm changing direction :)
Can't wait to see the progress, I really enjoy it (and learn lots out of it!)
Big hug,


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