Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Wild Poppy Final and some news!

Here's a better image of the drawing, I took a photo of it which gives a more accurate image than that grainy scan I uploaded yesterday.  The greens still aren't quite true but hey ho it's the best I can do.  It bugs me when the image isn't right.

On another note, I've been asked to draw some marbles with Coloursoft Pencils by the Derwent Pencil Company.  How cool is that?!  It's a subject I love to draw so I'm really looking forward to it.  I won't upload the picture until it's finished as I don't think it would be appropriate to do it as a work-in-progress.  Well, I'd better go and dust off that big box of lovely marbles I have stashed away and get cracking on a composition!

On yet another note, if anyone has emailed me at the address in the sidebar on the right here, I apologise for not replying - I cannot access that account at the moment due to my pc problems.  If you wish to email me any time, for the moment, it would be better to do so at this address instead ~
janet.pantry (at)  Many thanks.


Dors said...

Wonderful finish and yes a better image. I really love this poppy, the way you have created that lovely soft delicate look. WTG Janet, Great job.

Congratulations on the commission from Derwent. What a thrill it must be. I am so happy for you.

Hope we get to see it after it is received by Derwent.

Pauline said...

Congratulations Janet and the poppy looks so delicate. Wonderful job.

Gillian said...

This is perfect, Janet - so delicate and soft. Congrats on the commision too! x

Felicity said...

Super drawing - I thought the green would look good but this is even better than I imagined, it's lovely shade! Big congratulations on the commission, just think how many people who will get to see your art!

Sjamesportraiture said...

Very nice! Well observed subtle piece. Well done with the Derwent commission, hope you get lots of freebies from them!

Carolina said...

Hi Janet!
I'm so sorry I've been missing so many things! I've been so busy lately. Your poppy is gorgeous, it has your signature stile, but I feel something different going on. The colors are wonderful.

Hey, I just read about the Derwent request, how cool is that!!! Congratulations!!! I'm really happy for you! I'm so glad your art is having recognition :)
Un gran abrazo,

Katherine Thomas said...

Janet this is incredible. I could reach my hand into that painting and pull that poppy right out of there, it's so real! Great job! I am in awe.

Janet Pantry said...

Thanks so much everyone for your kind comments ~ it's not often I'm satisfied with a drawing but I actually do like this one!

Carolina, don't apologise ~ I know how it is! Take care. I do value your perceptive comments, you're right - something different IS going on! :)

sue said...

This is really beautiful Janet - one of your best IMHO :O)

We have lots of these in our garden this year (they just turned up uninvited - I certainly didn't plant them but I'm happy they are here). I think we've missed the best of the display whilst on holiday but there are still a few 'doubles' in bloom. I maybe able to photograph them tomorrow.

Many congrats on the Derwent commission - look forward to seeing the marbles


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