Tuesday 31 January 2012

Bottle and Clementine WIP 3 Final

I've been rather busy this past week with this and that, you know how it is, but returned to this drawing today and here is the final version.  As I hope you can see, it has been refined here and there ... nothing drastic.  I worked quite a bit on the bottle, although it doesn't look like it! 

I mixed some blues, Delft, Teal, Mid and Pale Ultramarine, with Terracotta and some Oranges to get some of those subtle 'murky' shadows.  I used Dark Violet, Heather and Grape with different shades of Blue to achieve the purply shades.  Much the same on the background but with added Chocolate and Burnt Carmine for the darker shadows. I freshened up the clementine a little with Deep Chrome, Middle Chrome, Deep Cadmium, Naples Yellow, Straw Yellow and Champagne ... and touches of Chinese White on the bottle too.  I'm not really name dropping (!), just showing off ... I've got the full set of Derwent Artists pencils doncha know!  Hehe.  Won't tell you what I used on the table, I'm bored now!

In hindsight, I'd have preferred to do this on Burnt Umber Colourfix but I've run out of that and am waiting for new supplies.  Interesting exercise, anyway, and I'm pleased I finished it and I certainly got to know these pencils which I've never used before.  Not sure I like how they perform on sanded paper, as compared to Coloursofts or the other brands I use.  They're probably much better suited to smoother supports or mountboard.  We'll see ... early days yet.  


Unknown said...

Oh Janet! It's stunning! I honestly think you've got a winner here! Wow! I love it!

Janet Pantry said...

Thanks Katherine, I appreciate your comment, glad you like it!

Ally Albon said...

Hello, absolutely gorgeous studies! Very inspirational indeed.

Janet Pantry said...

Thanks Aileen, much appreciated.


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