Thursday 12 January 2012

A New Year, first post

Just to say a very Happy New Year to my readers, albeit rather belatedly!  I've not yet begun any new pieces of art but the arty cogs in my brain are slowly coming to life and the pencils will be in action again shortly.

Since Christmas I've been indulging in other pursuits, like reading the new Charles Dickens biography by Claire Tomalin ('tis very good!).  This year marks the 200th anniversary of Dickens' birth and I've been watching all the BBC progs about the man and his work - great stuff.  I'm all Dickensed out now!  I've also been researching more family history which, as I've mentioned before, is highly addictive.  I've been focused on my mother's father's ancestors who originated from Liverpool, going right back to the 17th Century.  I know next to nothing about Liverpool, or indeed Lancashire, having never been there but I'm learning fast - it's fascinating!  Maybe I'll start a family history blog where I can ramble on about my ancestry ... hmmm.  Anyway, on to other things.

L.S. Lowry is one of my favourite painters and so to receive a calendar for Christmas featuring some of his paintings was an unexpected treat.

And ... a couple of kitty pics, of course!

This is Pants who is temporarily staying with us while eldest daughter is 'doing up' her new home.  She is a little madam, Pants that is!  Pants has a brother called Socks but he prefers to stay at a neighbour's house for the time being.  Pants loves to sit on top of the fridge where she can keep any eye all those other resident moggies!

And ... here's Minnie actually lying in Bobby's box, which, as you may remember, seemed like a physical impossibility.  Where there's a will ...

... there's a way!

Rumour has it that there may actually be some new artwork soon to be posted to this blog .... 

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Felicity Grace said...

New artwork? Goody! Meanwhile, moggie news is very entertaining! Sweet photos and such funny names, Pants and Socks!


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