Tuesday 20 December 2011

'Tis the season .....

"I wonder why I'm stood standing here when I should be dangling from a tree by now ..?"

"Good Grief, now she's made me pose with some baubles just to show everyone how small I am ~ how humiliating!"

"You've got problems, she makes me sit right at the top of the tree just because I've got a halo and a silly gold-beaded dress.  People keep telling her I don't look like a proper fairy but she drags me out every year and perches me up there.  It's really uncomfortable actually."

"Personally, I think she's flipped ... Christmas does that to humans, it's really sad.  And, of course, she has messed up on a couple of drawings lately ... that wouldn't help either, would it?  Anyway, while she's faffing around with the rest of those gaudy baubles, shall we go down the pub?"

"Yea, good idea, that'll teach her!  Maybe we should wish that person who reads her blog a Merry Christmas before we go."

"What do you mean "that person"?  There might be more than one.  Unlikely, I know, but some people like to read stuff like this."

"Really?? ... hehe, they must be as crazy as she is then!"


Sue Clinker said...

And the both lived happily ever after .... I do like happy endings.

Hope they enjoyed their small tots 'down the pub'

Merry Xmas Janet and 'friends'

Felicity Grace said...

Great post! :) Hope you have a lovely Christmas Janet!

Janet Pantry said...

Thanks for looking Sue and Felicity! I'm afraid that means you're both as crazy as me ;) Seasons Greetings to you both x

Anonymous said...

Very funny Janet - thank you for that, it made me smile. Happy Christmas to you. Daryl

Carolina said...

yeah, maybe I am :)
Hope you had a great Christmas Janet, and I hope only the best for next year!
Un gran abrazo


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