Friday, 6 August 2010

Taking a Short Break

Apple, approx 7" x 7". Derwent Pastel Pencils on Canson Mi Teintes Paper                                         

Here's a little drawing I did from life very quickly with some pastel pencils I found in my drawer.  Just wanted to upload something other than the very finished, detailed stuff I've got into the habit of doing in recent months.  Simple and rough, yet quite refreshing I think.

I've been very busy lately with family stuff and getting out and about, making the most of the summer season which is so short here in the UK.  Art-making has taken a bit of a back seat but I'm hoping to gather some fresh material - and inspiration - to draw from (pun intentional) in the next couple of weeks.  Blog posts will therefore be pretty spartan now until the beginning of September when I hope to return with some new artwork.

In the meantime, here's Bobby in a box......

He has taken to sleeping here, right next to my working space, despite there being a myriad of other much more comfortable places around the house in which to snuggle down.  He likes to be where I am I think.....aah! 


Dors said...

Wonderfully rendered Apple.

Oh do enjoy the lovely weather as it is so short.
Sometimes it is nice to just stop and smell the roses.

Enjoy...Look forward to you starting up again with your wonderful art work.
Hugs. Say hi to Lizzie for me. LOL
We hope to be over to the UK next year to see my family.

sue said...

The apple looks good enough to eat Janet.

We too have been taking advantage of the recent dry weather to do lots of walking along the beach to neighbouring towns and to visit a couple of art exhibitions. Back to the drawing board next week though!

I love Bobby in the box!

Janet Pantry said...

Oh thanks Doreen and Sue. Yes, I need a breather! And of course, Dors, I'll pass on your regards to Lizzie and Phil next time I'm up at Buck Palace!!

If you come over here next year I'd say wrap up warm and hire a helicopter. 1. It's cold and wet most of the time and 2. Our roads are chronically congested and public transport is dire. I like it here really!! :)

Felicity said...

Lovely apple, Janet! I'm having a breather too so I can understand that need. Bobby in the box is hilarious - such strange creatures, cats!

ines said...

The furry fellow in the box is sooooo adorable!
Your apple looks very tasty ;-)

Dors said...

Always wrap up warm for the visits to the UK or better still I try to make my visits during the warmer months.
LOL at the helicopter .
Enjoy your break.

Carolina said...

Hi Janet!
Lovely and super fresh painting of an apple. And very funny photo of your cat, loved it!
Have a wonderful time, take a very deserved rest from painting, and please come back 'reloaded' :)

Un abrazo,

cuarta said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Pauline said...

Janet where are you? Haven't seen any of your work for ages.

Carolina said...

It's been a year, you're being missed a lot! where are you Janet!?

Janet Pantry said...

Hi Carolina, thanks for your kind comment. I've been off doing other things and the drawing has lapsed. But I miss it so maybe I'll be dusting off the pencils very soon. Hope I remember how to draw! (No ... honestly!) x

Felicity said...

Adding my tuppence worth - I'm missing you too, glad Carolina gave you a nudge! More drawings and cats please! ;)


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