Monday, 26 September 2011

Portrait of Rachael WIP 1

Approx 8" x 10" Coloured Pencil on Colorfix (Soft Umber)
(Ref: Original photo by Li Newton on Paint My Photo)

Here's Li's original photo ...

I know, it's been a while sinced I posted anything.  In fact, it's been a while since I drew anything!  No excuses except I went off on another path researching my family history.  Genealogy is utterly fascinating and can take over your life ... well all your spare time anyway.  But those (dusty) pencils kept calling and I've had a few prods from blogger friends, thank you good people.

I like to draw from my own photos but I haven't taken any lately ~ must get snapping again.  Looking for some inspiration, I came across this striking photo of a young lady from Barbados by Li Newton (Paint my Photo).  I like her 'dead-pan' expression and the beautiful colours in her skin ... good light/dark contrasts too, so I thought I'd give it a go.  A portrait is probably not the thing to tackle when you've just come out of hibernation, artwise, and you've almost forgotten the techniques you learnt and the way colours work on the paper.  Heyho, I never said I was wise or sensible.  I'm learning again ... fast!

I'm using Polychromos pencils, all the browns, reds, pinks and, of course, one of my favourites, ivory.  One or two Prismas are also in there too, Sienna Brown and Dark Umber.  Early days yet with this and I can see loads wrong with it but I'll plod on.  I'll be starting the background next, bit late I know, and it will be kind of cross-hatched and muted.  Oh and the hat too (been putting that off, it looks tricky).  I'd forgotten how calming, almost meditative, drawing is ..... aaah!        


sue said...

Brilliant to see you back Janet ... I periodically checked to see whether you were posting and I'd somehow lost the link ...

and what a great picture to start with. Look forward to seeing progress.

Pauline said...

Hi Janet, good to see you again and what a wonderful subject to start with.

Alison Staite said...

Hurrah Janet - Glad to see you have picked up your pencils again!

Janet Pantry said...

Oh thank you all, it feels good to be back. I must catch up with all the work you stalwarts have been doing over this past year ...I've missed a lot I'm sure x


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