Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Little Boy Portrait WIP 3 Getting there!

Well I think I've gone through 'the burn' on this one (lol) and it's finally starting to work.  Lots of pencil tickling, blending, adjusting, tut-tutting and adjusting again ~ you know how it is!  I couldn't understand why his right eye didn't look right, then I realised it needed an upper lid .. hmm.  I added some Dark Umber (Prismacolor) to the left background and kind of merged that area with his hair on that side.  I see the image here has that scan shadow down the left again, it only shows up like that when I upload it here ~ really annoying.

I'm using the Caran D'Ache Supracolor dry and blending with cotton buds.  Pale browns, Yellow Ochres, Pinks, Apricot, Reddish Orange, Cream and White.  I'm also using FC Polychromos Light and Medium Flesh, Sky Blue, Raw Umber and some Prismas, including Greyed Lavender, Artichoke and Bronze.  The lighter Caran d'Ache colours are much less waxy, as I suspected, and are working well on this paper.

I'm finding this drawing much more exacting to do than previous ones, probably because of the subtle colour changes and details that just have to be 'right' on a portrait.  It can so easily go horribly wrong!  Not much more to do now.  I'll work on his clothing next, especially on that left hand side, but it will be loosely rendered, and then final adjustments ... 


Carmel said...

Hi Janet, this is wonderful. So glad you did not give up. Like the skin tones!

Janet Pantry said...

Thanks Carmel, yes I'm glad I didn't give up but it's hard work .


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