Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Pretty Flamingo WIP 1

7" x 5" Coloured Pencil on 'Elephant' Colourfix paper

This drawing is based on an original photo by Michael Klinkermallie posted on the Paint My Photo website


N.B.  Sorry folks, I hadn't realised that the photos I've linked to on some of my previous drawings cannot be seen by people who haven't signed up to the Paint My Photo website.  I'd really like viewers to see the photos I'm drawing from so I'll do it like this now!  I'll also revise those previous posts so you can see those photos too.

Back to topic.  Well, I'm still faffing around with still life set-ups so that is on the 'back burner' for now.  So .... hmmm, here is something completely different!  I was struck by the elegance of this bird, the way it's just standing there, and the feathery detail that the photographer managed to capture ... kudos to him.  Apparently, flamingos tend to stand on one leg whilst sleeping ~ hence the pose you see here.  As you can see in my drawing, I've taken out the other bird from the image and, of course, I'll not be drawing the other bird's reflection.  I am also simplifying the water but will be putting in some of those nice ripples around the bird's leg.

I'm using Caran d'Ache Supracolor pencils, with the addition of Greyed Lavender and Pink Rose Prismacolor pencils.  I'm also using a Lyra Rembrandt White pencil on the very lightest bits because it has a very fine, hard and reliable, point ... and because I have no Supracolour Whites left!  I'm not smoothing out any colour, just using a small soft brush carefully and also some Blu Tack judiciously here and there.

This beginning stage is always the slowest and most exacting because to get the initial shapes and tones in correctly is key, I think, to the success of the finished drawing.  Those feathers are a challenge!  I'll finish putting in the background, roughly, and then start refining it all.  


sue said...

I'm amazed at the lovely coloured pencil work you do on heavily sanded paper Janet ... I've tried using Colourfix with cps but just couldn't cope.

Beautiful reference also

Janet Pantry said...

Hi Sue, thanks! I remember having trouble with Colourfix at first, it is so rough. I suppose it depends on whether you mind the paper surface showing through, the kind of finished look you want. I think I'm too lazy and impatient to keep layering! If you can get over that initial scary feeling I'm sure you would do wonders on it! :)

sue said...

Hmmm! perhaps I should give it another try in the New Year when things are a bit quieter.

Having twigged your Blog title I just had to go and find Manfred Mann's wonderful song on YouTube ... Can't believe its 45 years old!

Janet Pantry said...

'some sweet day I'll make her mine, pretty flamingo'! 45 years?!! I remember when that first 'hit the charts'. I feel positively ancient now Sue ... cheers! lol.


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