Friday, 25 June 2010

Rose Interior, finished, and Wimbledon

I tinkered some more with this and it's about finished.  It was tricky doing some of the petals convincingly...... they are positioned at different angles, of course, and so the light is hitting them in all sorts of strange ways.  This is a photo of the drawing, rather than a scan, and doesn't really show up the nuances of colour in there very well.

I've concluded that although I like the Supracolor pencils, some of them are a bit scratchy on the Stonehenge.  Prismacolor pencils, being softer, work much better on it, I think.  I'm not too keen on white paper although I've seen wondrous work done on it by others with far more patience than me!

On another note, I'm eating these........

and watching this....on TV...... the moment.  Well not exactly this match, it was Gasquet and Fish on Court No. 1  at Wimbledon two years ago but you get my drift!  I took this photo when I went to Wimbledon two years ago.  I know.... our seats were pretty far back - lucky I had my binoculars with me at the time! 

I love watching the tennis and I enter for the ballot each year to try and get tickets at Wimbledon - it's the cheapest way to get them.  The other ways to get in are that  a) you are, or know, royalty (er... nope);   b) you have connections through a tennis club (er... nope);  c) you have corporate, group affiliations (er... nope); d) you are willing to camp out all night and queue for hours at the gate the next day (er... definitely a no-no!).

It's great to go see the tennis at Wimbledon, there's a really nice atmosphere.  It's well-organized, very civilised, and very.....well.... English, I suppose.  Here's another pic.....

On another note, normally I really don't care for football.  However..........Come on England!!



Bev said...

Hi Janet, I love your rose, very delicate work, and I understand about the light falling at different angles, but I think you have handled it excellently.

sue said...

I can definitely see lots of subtle pinks and pastel shades but the bright yellow dominates till the eyes adjust :o) Beautifully drawn as always.

I like my strawberries with strawberry yoghurt - but hubby takes his, like you, with sugar :o)
and the birds/squirrels just take them plain .. straight from the strawberry bed in our garden ... bless!

Dors said...

I love how this has turned out Janet. It is so delicate and with all the angles of the petals. A superb job. Love it.

Dors said...

Oh forgot to say love the strawberries. Hope you enjoyed them. Yummy.

alison staite said...

Hi Janet
Ditto all the other comments. This is lovely, delicate but plenty of other colours and tonal range to work really well. I love 'macro' pictures like this. Sometimes they are more interesting than seeing the whole bloom. One knows its a flower but because it doesn't instantly look like a flower we look closer and longer than we might otherwise.

Not a footie fan and those blasted trumpet things.... arghh!

Janet Pantry said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I still prefer tinted papers - for my flowers anyway. The strawberries are so good this year, had another massive bowl of them today!

Alison, know what you mean about the trumpets (World Cup footie), they drive you nuts! Oh well, I suppose we're in for another nail-biter against Germany tomorrow. Wasn't it Churchill who said "England expects every man to do his duty"?! Hope we don't go crashing out on penalties again!

Janet Pantry said...

NB. Churchill did not say that, it was Admiral Horatio Nelson on HMS Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. Oops,I stand corrected! :)

Katherine Thomas said...

This is awesome! I really admire how you were able to control the shading to look so natural and real. Its funny that you said your other pencils seemed to be scratchy on the paper. I noticed the same problem with Derwent pencils! Hmm.

Carolina said...

One word for your yellow rose: glorious! What a neat job!

You know, I've already lost 4 kilos (like 8 pounds) on the last few weeks, just skipping some late food (and now I'm having this photo on your blog! ;)

Nice photo of the Wimbledon, so that's how you see the court when sitting up there... :)

So it's THAT hard to get tickets for the Wimbledon! That's something that I will keep in mind when I have a conversation about tennis. Especially with my huby.

And, I too don't really care about football, but the wold cup can't be missed...!


Janet Pantry said...

Katherine, I think the Supracolor are scratchy because they are hard and meant to be used as water colour pencils - I really like the colours though. Yes, the Derwents can be scratchy too, especially the harder versions like 'Artist'. I find the Coloursofts quite soft though. I think the surface can make a big difference too.

Hola Carolina! Bravo for losing the weight! Yes it's HARD to get tickets for Wimbledon, but worth it if you do. The World Cup? Hmmm, England lost to Germany....badly. There are a lot of long faces here!


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