Sunday, 20 June 2010

Rose Interior. WIP 2

Here's a quick update on this modest little drawing.  I've spent about 8 hours on this so far, even though it is quite small.  There are lots of intricate shapes in those petals - I have yet to work on the lower left hand side.  I normally scan in my drawings as I seem to get a better image that way.  This one scanned really badly, however - I think, because it's a bright picture and also my scanner is pretty basic.  So with this drawing, I've taken photos which, to my surprise, have produced better, more accurate, images of it.

Normally, I would cover the whole image with a first layer of colours and then move in to refine the detail, adjust tones and intensify colours.  Can't help it, I'm an orderly sort of person!  On this one, though, I have deviated from that a bit and played with the yellows and greens to try and get that intensity of colour in the central area.  So the next step is to render those bottom petals, review the whole image and move into the final touches.  There is no doubt that working on white paper is more laborious and exacting than working on my usual tinted papers.  Still good fun to do though!


Pauline said...

I can see where this is heading now. You have the patience of a saint Janet. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

Janet Pantry said...

Thanks Pauline. I have no patience, just too much time on my hands! Hehe.

Paula Pertile said...

I love it so far, and can't wait to see it develop!
And I usually work on white paper - yes, it takes way more time to 'fill it up'!

sue said...

isn't it amazing how some pictures can take forever ... and others 'draw/paint' themselves and are finished in no time.

This may be taking longer than your usual pictures but I'm sure it will be worth the effort and I look forward to seeing the next stages ... with the awful Summer weather we're getting its great to see some bright cheerful artwork!

Janet Pantry said...

Thanks Paula and Sue. I think yellow pencil colours do work best on lighter papers. It is bright, isn't it? It probably needs a bit more definition....we'll see.

Carolina said...

It's looking so fresh, and the center IS looking so intense that catches the attention. I love it!
No one would believe that you're finding it hard to paint on white paper, you're having such a great result! You make it look easy :) (but I KNOW that is not the case!)
Un abrazo,


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