Friday, 21 October 2011

Green Bottle WIP 3 Final

Worked on this some 4 hours or so more.  Instead of going at it in one marathon drawing fest, so to speak, I've been dipping in, leaving it and then dipping in again over a couple of days.  That strategy seems to work better for me because I'm seeing it with fresh eyes each time ~ it's amazing how parts of the drawing jump out at me demanding to be tweaked each time I look!

I refined the foreground area a little more and, having completed the bottle itself, decided that the background did not need to go any darker.  I also decided not to saturate the paper with colour, I prefer the 'grainy' look.  This has been a case of 'softly, softly' pencil strokes, a constant process of adjusting colours and values across the whole image until I'm happy with it.  And, guess what?  I'm happy with it!


Shawn Falchetti said...

Beautiful work! I love seeing all of the grain of the paper showing through. Great color choices - the piece has a nice feel to it.

Janet Pantry said...

Thank you Shawn, I think the tinted sanded paper helps with the feel, it kind of gives you a head start when you start to apply colours.


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