Saturday, 1 October 2011

Portrait of Rachael WIP 4

Er, did I say this just needed a few tweaks here and there and it would be finished?  How foolhardy of me!  Once I got back to it again I could see there was so much to do.  I am always afraid of overworking a piece but this really needed more colour, blending and attention to detail.  I've used cotton buds to blend the colours and it has a painterly look now, easier to achieve on this Colourfix sanded paper I think.

I think it really is just about finished now although I really must revisit that chest area.  It looks like I've given the poor girl a broken collar bone ...oh and a nasty looking boil in that area too! (Sorry Rachael!).  All the flaws show up so clearly when the pic is uploaded.  I suppose that's a good thing ... groan.  Will remedy them post haste.


1 comment:

Paula Pertile said...

Janet, you're funny. But I know what you mean about tweaking - sometimes you think the piece will never be finished! But this is lovely so far.


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